Glizigen product line: Protection and intimate hygiene

The GLIZIGEN product line is indicated for the daily protection and hygiene of the most intimate problems (before and after sexual intercourse, critical days of the period, etc). It is a specific product for daily hygiene and protection for both sexes.

Relieves itching, irritation and redness. Providing a feeling of cleanliness and freshness throughout the day.


Efficacy and speed of action The first results are visible from the 1st week.
Without any side effects, in all the products of the line, which allows its use for as long as necessary.

Product with high moisturizing and penetrating capacity.
Glizigen is a soft, non-soapy product of natural origin for the genital area. Deodorizes, refreshes and avoids the consequences of the aggressive action of detergents on the delicate genital area. Glizigen is especially indicated on the critical days of the period, before and after sexual intercourse or sports, in hot weather, etc.