Quality Policy

Catalysis SL, was born as a private and independent company that directs its efforts to research and product development within the cosmetic and dietary sectors.

The company directs all its efforts to the manufacture and distribution of dermo-cosmetic products, nutritional supplements, veterinary and agricultural products, both in the national and international markets.

Our products are safe and are based on the latest discoveries on the beneficial effects that antioxidants have on free radicals in our body. The high efficiency of our products is in the biocatalytic process of molecular activation developed by Catalysis. In this process, the natural ingredients present in the formulas increase their biological activity without altering their chemical structure

The Company’s Management, aware of the strategic importance of Quality, maintains a Quality Management System implemented and certified, which serves as a common thread in the search for effectiveness and efficiency in the operation of the company.

To ensure success in the implementation of the Quality Management System, the Management has made the following commitments:

  • Ensure the customer focus of our organization. Customer satisfaction is our priority focus.
  • Consolidate the relationship with advanced technology pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Comply with all the requirements that are applicable to our activity: legal requirements, customer requirements and any other requirements.
  • Implement a culture of continuous improvement at all levels and in all our activities, is our basis for competitiveness and differentiation
  • Set measurable goals annually and track them.
  • Convert work procedures into a tool to establish common methods and criteria for all our workers.
  • Provide a quality service and efficiently manage the company’s activity to make the expectations of the interested parties compatible with Catalysis’s own activity.

                                                                                                      March 02, 2017,